Best Time for Gorilla Trekking

Forecasting your Mountain Gorilla Tracking Safari in Rwanda can be quite a task, there are many features to consider that lead to the experience of a lifetime in Africa. Anytime of the year is good to go mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda. However, watching out for the rainy season is a strong point which I greatly advise. Therefore, the best time to visit Rwanda for a gorilla safari is during the short dry season from mid-December to early February or over the long dry season from June to September. These seasons offer travelers far the easiest hiking conditions and the lowest malaria risk.

However, there are some tips about Rwanda that you should watch out before deciding on the date of your Rwanda tour.

The Climate
The country is at a high altitude, because of this, Rwanda has a pleasant tropical highland climate, with a daily temperature range as great as 14°C (25°F). Temperature may vary considerably from region to region because of the variations in altitude. The average daytime temperature is about 30°C except in the highlands where it is much cooler. There are four seasons; long rainy season from mid-March to mid-May, short rains from mid-October to November; long dry season from mid-May to mid-August and short dry season from December to mid-March. The north-east has more rainfall than other parts of the country. It is still perfectly possible to travel during the rains; indeed, the scenery can be stunning and the flora lush and it can be ideal for photography of both the gorillas and the scenery.
Therefore with all seasons having their strong point, the best time to visit Rwanda depends on what the client needs.

Rwanda gorilla safaris: In the Volcanoes national park region you can expect to find bamboo specialists such as golden monkeys and mountain gorilla as well as habitat tolerant species such as buffalo and elephant. The best time for sighting animals is during the dry season between mid-December to March and mid-May to mid-August although it is easy to track and see them year-round.

Bird watching: Rwanda a good destination for bird watchers with an incredible 670 species recorded in an area smaller than Belgium. Lush flora will attract many species, but sightings may be easier during dry periods – mid December to March and mid-May to mid-August.

Rwanda Public holidays
New Year’s Day, Heroes’ Day (Feb 1), Good Friday, Easter Monday, Genocide Memorial Day (Apr 7), Labor Day (1 May), Independence Day (1 July), Liberation Day (July 4), Assumption (Aug 15), Patriotism Day (Oct 1), Christmas Day, Boxing Day
Visitors are welcome to join in with festivities but should always observe religious and private gatherings from a respectful distance, unless invited to join in!